Hostgator 11th Birthday Anniversary!

Hostgator 11th Birthday

Today is the 11th Anniversary of Hostgator’s Birthday, in other words, “GATORDAY“, which also happens to be the coupon code that Hostgator is putting out, today only, to offer an amazing 50% off discount, which is great for if you buy many years of hosting up front (to maximize the discount).

If you’d prefer to only buy 1 or 3 months at a time, however, it is still better to use the “10dollarsfree” coupon which cuts roughly 10 dollars off the price of any hosting purchased, which means if you want to pay for hosting monthly that you basically get your first month free! Although $0.01 is charged to verify your card.

Once again, happy anniversary “Snappy”, the Hostgator Mascot, and happy 11th birthday to Hostgator!

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