Hostgator Cyber Monday

Hostgator Cyber Monday
Go to NOW! This is your last chance!

Hostgator Cyber Monday is a new 50% off discount promotion from Hostgator. For those of you who missed out on Hostgator Black Friday, fear not: Hostgator Cyber Monday is your second chance. The 80% discount of Black Friday sold out within 10 minutes at the crack of dawn, so the 50% offering was really the only possible option. It’s still the greatest offering that can be had from Hostgator for up to a year potentially. After all, Hostgator typically only gives at most 20% off their hosting. Compared to that, 50% is a huge cut in costs.

This 50% off makes Hostgator less expensive than most web hosting services AND they are the most reputable web hosting company. Sometimes people pick disreputable (get what you pay for) hosts because they can’t afford Hostgator, but on Hostgator Cyber Monday there will be no such excuses.

It runs in Texas time, since the Hostgator offices are in Houston & Austin, Texas.
Officially it starts on Monday, November 29th from 12:00AM – 11:59PM Central Standard Time.

So set a reminder, alarm on your cell phone or whatever, to log on to and buy Hostgator hosting on Cyber Monday! It’s a deal that won’t come around for at least a year and that’s making a big assumption to think they even bother to offer it next year! So be sure to grab the 50% off discount on Hostgator Cyber Monday.

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